For a horde of fans, their couch is the coziest place in the world.
Some use it to relax, others to take a nap, the youngsters go crazy with their videogames,
grandpa watches his favorite action flick, but by the soap opera time, grandma gets the best seat.
Even the best things can be further improved! If you get your couch upholstered with Corano®,
I doubt that you get out of it.


Every couch fan is a Corano® fan.

You can find the utmost novelties in the coating market in the Corano® product line, the ideal material for office and household upholstery. Technology and quality are the guarantee to ensure comfort and smooth when touched, thanks to the unique Natural Comfort® finishing.

All environments become cozy places with the wide variety of Corano® upholstery. The material is ideal for those who want to customize homes and offices with style and versatility, giving the environments a classy touch, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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Corano Garden®
It is a hit outdoors!

Corano Garden® is the coating exclusively developed by Cipatex®, perfect for those who appreciate the beauty and comfort of upholstered furniture, including external areas, whether in residential or commercial use.

Only Corano Garden® has Nautic Plus® finishing, which ensures high performance, (including UV resistance), soft and smooth touch. In addition to all this, Corano Garden® is hygienic and very easy to clean, gathers no dust and has Microban®, the worldly known antibacterial protection, which is very effective in controlling odors and mold.

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Corano® is impermeable and gathers no dust; after all, it has the unique Natural Comfort® finish, which makes cleaning an easy task, even in the event of removing stains. In addition, in order for Corano® to last longer, and to preserve the upholstery cleanliness, simply use neutral soap with a wet sponge and remove the extra water using a damp cloth, leave it to dry under fresh air, avoid chemical products, and, in lighter colored coatings, avoid the direct contact with fabrics that release pigment. Take good care of Corano® and see how it maintains that brand new look that all upholsteries must have.



Style. Comfort. Convenience. The trend is to combine it all. Corano® embodies such trend. For this reason, this line of upholstery offers a large variety of colors, textures and prints that meet the demands of the furniture industry in Brazil and abroad in an inventive way. With Corano, ® the environments of your home or your office - either internal or external areas - transform into cozy and safe places for the entire family, including pets. After all, this coating will not gather any dust and is also waterproof, ensuring an easy cleaning and conservation



State of the art technology and quality control are a must in the manufacture of Corano® synthetic upholstery. This ensures optimal resistance to the product, and it is ideal for highly used environments, such as TV rooms, and balconies.



Natural Comfort ® finish. In order to provide a softer and gentler touch and prolong your coating shelf life, Corano® has the exclusive ® Natural Comfort finish. This Cipatex ® unique protection also prevents dryness and facilitates the routine cleaning, as well as stain removal. If you want your coating to be the best, it has to be complete.


Everybody likes quality. Check out and demand the "Corano® Guarantee of Authenticity" seal.

When buying a couch, choose Corano® and check for the coating authenticity seal. This seal is a guarantee that you are purchasing a legitimate Corano® upholstery, and provides information for preserving and prolonging the coating shelf life.

Ask for Corano® seal and bring the comfort of technology to your home.


+ Cipatex
You need to bring constant innovation to the table, in order to satisfy all types of customers.

Cipatex®, with headquarters in Cerquilho, São Paulo - Brazil, began its activities in 1964, with the manufacturing of synthetic laminates. By the end of 1987, Cipatex ® became a corporate group with more than 100 thousand square meters of productive area, acting in the plastic, chemical industries and non-woven, supplying products for both Brazilian and international market in a number of segments like shoes, purses and accessories, home appliances, construction, furniture, clothing, automotive, adhesives, child care, sport and leisure, gifts, school, and visual communication.


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